Mishkah’s Monday Musical Memories – Karyn White’s “Secret Rendezvous”

30 06 2014

Welcome back to Mish Mash of Memories!

I’ve decided to write posts on this blog again, but mainly those that pertain to my sense of nostalgia – like the tag line says, this blog is about everyday things that trigger your memories of yesteryear.

I downloaded the Best of Karyn White the other day and thought about that time in my life when her hits were a huge sensation. It was 1990, I was in Standard 9 (Grade 11) and this song was constantly playing on the radio and various mixes of it was playing in the clubs. This got me thinking that I should post a weekly music video of the hits that made me feel good back in the day (and still do) and call it Mishkah’s Monday Musical Memories. So here is the first one – it’s the song called “Secret Rendezvous” by Karyn White. Enjoy the walk down this musical memory lane!


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