Mishkah’s Monday Musical Memories: “All Around the World” by Lisa Stansfield

21 07 2014


I am a lover of Karaoke, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, despite the fact that I am apparently tone deaf according to Sing Star. Last night, we had an impromptu karaoke session with a friend, who has extensive musical knowledge. He chose Lisa Stansfield’s “All around the world” – a classic hit, circa 1989. This got me thinking that my next musical memories blog post will be dedicated to this immensely talented lady. In 1989, I was in Standard 8 (that’s Grade 10 to the younger folks) and this song could be heard pumping from the speakers of our school bus almost every day. I was forbidden from going to clubs as a teenager, so the school bus was one way of hearing what the latest club tracks were.

So dial your time machine back to the late eighties (when music was really music) and enjoy!




Mishkah’s Monday Musical Memories – “Fire” by The Pointer Sisters and Bruce Springsteen

7 07 2014

I was recently reminded of the beautiful music of The Pointer Sisters, while watching a comedy on TV. I immediately downloaded their “best of” album and was pleasantly surprised to hear the song “Fire.” I had been looking for it for a while, after hearing the very talented Kristin Chenoweth sing a version of it on Glee. Then, after some more Googling, I remembered that Bruce Springsteen done a version of “Fire” as well. Who done it better between The Pointer Sisters and Bruce Springsteen? I’m undecided, but a little partial to the live 1980’s Bruce Springsteen – damn, he was hot.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.


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