The Art of the Opening Sequence

25 08 2013

Have you noticed that opening sequences of television shows have become shorter these days? Back in the 80’s and 90’s, opening sequences were much longer and involved, and usually featured the names and faces of the actors in the show. The first one that comes to mind is Dallas. Here’s a montage of the various opening sequences since 1978/9.

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Final Episode of Spirit Sundae

30 12 2012

As a follow up to my blog dated the 22nd of December 2012 “The End of an Era, as Spirit Sundae draws to a close after 9 years” here is the insert that was broadcast today on SABC1, where the viewers got to see the team behind the Spirit Sundae show and we each have our “15 minutes of fame” as we take a walk down memory lane. Hats off to the wonderful people who have put their faith into action each week for the past 9 years and brought you uplifting, inspirational multi-faith content.

Thanks for the memories!

Christmas – circa 1979 vs. 2012 (Young Me, Now Me)

24 12 2012

Today is Christmas Eve and the yuletide spirit is in full effect. I came across this photograph of myself, aged about 4 or 5, taken with Father Christmas (as we call him in South Africa) in a mall, circa 1979.



Then I remembered watching an episode of the Graham Norton show a while back and seeing an interesting segment about imitating images from yesteryear, called Young Me, Now Me. Although the malls are crawling with Santa Claus impersonators (a very impressive one at Clearwater Mall I must say) I could not work up the courage to go and take a photograph with a mall Santa just for this post. Instead, the Spirit Sundae team done an impressive job recently at the Thuthuzela Community Aid Centre in the township of Alexandra in Johannesburg, and gave the underprivileged, orphaned and/or abandoned kiddies there a Christmas to remember with gifts and lunch. Our very own office Santa (Eddy the Editor) donned his Father Christmas attire with aplomb to entertain everyone, including me, as can be seen in this picture below.



So, in a way, I got my “Young Me, Now Me” moment. I think I should submit this pic, as the founder of the Young Me, Now Me website is publishing a book of these photographs, some of which are really funny. Also check out Dear Photograph for similar content, although here, the idea is taking a snapshot — usually one featuring one or more people and dating from the film-photography era — and holding it up against the original setting so that past and present blend into a new work of art.

Happy Holidays and happy snapping!

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