Vintage Lipsticks

19 07 2011

My grandmother loved red lipstick, in fact, she always said that red was the only colour she ever wore. But she lied. After her passing, I dug around in her chest of drawers and found some vintage lipsticks…and I do mean vintage, circa 1950’s or 1960’s. (see picture).

Granny's Lipsticks circa 1960

The casing seems to be almost antique looking, brass-like, and very sturdy. Gosh, these lipsticks are older than I am! I also love the side push up lever, a device from yesteryear that is no longer in vogue.

If one were to compare these antiquated lipsticks to the ones of today, of course, the technology inside today’s “lippies” is 100% better and improved, with collagen, SPF and brilliant colour and shine, but I think that the packaging most of the time, leaves a lot do be desired.

In my opinion, a lipstick, which is designed to make a woman look and feel beautiful, should also have stunning packaging, so much so, that you will consider it a work of art, much like perfume bottles. Once it is finished, you won’t want to throw the lipstick case away.

What memories do you have of your mother and grandmother’s lipsticks? Did they also multi-task and use some of it as blush? Do you remember the smell? Thank goodness technology has marched on, and the sometimes horrible lipstick smells have been replaced by fruity flavours or none at all.




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