18 01 2010


There is a new series on M-Net Action called “Life on Mars.” It’s about a cop who goes back in time to 1973, to solve a crime. This got me thinking about time travel, time warps, time machines and the time space continuum. What would it be like to go back in time and meet your 5 or 10 year old self? What advice would you give yourself? What road map would you devise to steer yourself clear of life’s potholes? Mine would be, do a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing and Accounting, instead of a Bachelor of Social Science degree, have more fun and remember to smile.

And what about technology… would I be able to exist without the technological comforts of GPS, cell phones, contact lenses, laptops, and more importantly, the Internet. Can you imagine having to resort back to circular dial landline phones, going to the library to do school projects, or opening an Encyclopedia Britannica to find out something? The mind boggles to think that humans actually existed just fine and dandy without these inventions. There was mystery and excitement when the telephone rang, “Oh, I wonder who that could be?”

I also remember a science-fiction show that was broadcast circa 1985, but was actually produced in 1975 and was dubbed into Afrikaans. It was called “Space:1999” – see below for a quick reminder.

For some reason, it made me afraid of what the future may hold. Would we have the ability to morph into another person, use our supposedly innate telepathy and move objects with our minds, like some of the characters in the show. What distant planets had life on it and when would it be discovered?

Then along came Y2K, which proved nothing more than our human, deep-seated fear of change. Next up, 2012, specifically 21 December 2012, the date the Mayans apparently have foretold would be the end of the world, or “Armageddon”. Others say that it will merely be the end of one age and the start of another, but what age? For better or for worse? That is the million dollar question.
See “2012” movie trailer below.

What did you envisage as the future? What was 2010 supposed to be like? I had imagined that by now, we would have invented “energizing” like in Star Trek. That would eliminate traffic jams for starters. But then again, perhaps there would be “energizing” jams, where one’s molecules collided with another person’s, causing “molecular accidents” and then only two thirds of you would appear at your destination! Not very practical, having to find the rest of yourself anywhere in time and space, is it?

I imagined at the very least, that we would be hovering around town in space crafts, like the ones in “The Fifth Element” sans the bad costumes and fashion sense, though.

But I guess that the best thing to do, as the many self-help books I’ve read indicate, is to live in the here and now. It is a gift and that is why it is called ‘the present.’ Corny as it many sound, it is true. There is not much you can do about the past, and it’s no use worrying about the future, so best to live in the moment.




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