12 08 2009

I watched the movie called “Shutter” on M-Net the other day. It’s about ghostly images that appear in photographs. Now, I know the movie was your run-of-the-mill ghost flick, as only the Japanese can perfect and then the Americans do a second class job of the re-make, but it was eerie. Then some of the images I saw in film, reminded me of something…they seemed familiar. I had seen those images in some of my own photographs.

What do you think this smoke is?

What do you think this smoke is?

The photographs were taken when I visited Hamburg in Germany in 1995. One of them was taken at the lake in the middle of the city called the Alster, and the other was in a forest type area. Nobody was smoking when the photographs were taken, so it could not have been that. The other photographs on the spool of film came out perfectly, so it could not have been a spoiled spool either. The images are non-descriptive, no faces can be seen, and it does look like a cloud, but how could it get there?

Ghost at the Alster Lake in Hamburg?

Ghost at the Alster Lake in Hamburg?

I was alone at the Alster lake and it was already dark, and the other picture was also taken after night fall, but there were other people around.

I once went to an angel workshop, where you were supposed to get in touch with your guardian angel. I didn’t reach mine, but they passed around some interesting photographs. These also had that smoke-like effect or ghost-like images, and they were taken at someone’s wedding. The angel workshop people said that it indicated the presence of angels. Of course they would, and I felt better when they said this, considering the alternative.

If these images appear in various other people’s photographs, then could they be real? Makes you think, doesn’t it?




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