8 08 2009

It’s been almost two months since Michael Jackson’s death, and the globe is still in mourning. After hearing “Bad” and “Black and White” for the umpteenth time on MTV and VH1, I found myself rummaging through a draw, and found my prized 1984 3D View-Master of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

I’m always filled with excitement at finding long lost items of fun from my childhood. The 3D View-Master was the equivalent of the Nintendo Wii back in 1984. Okay, well, Atari was more like the Wii’s 80’s counterpart, but the View-Master was the Cape Flats equivalent.

Now for all out there who don’t know what I am talking about, take a look at the pictures below. I got mine for my 10th birthday, and it was one of my best gifts ever! Thanks Mom!

My 3D View-Master, circa 1984

My 3D View-Master, circa 1984

Slide for the 3D View-Master

Slide for the 3D View-Master

Basically, the 3D View-Master consisted of the viewing device and three disks, each containing 7 slides. It told a story, in this case, “Thriller” and you had to push the handle down on the side, to get to the next slide, whilst looking through the viewfinder. Describing it in this manner, makes it sound so archaic, and indeed it is, but to my 10 year old mind, it was the height of technology. Of course, the actual “Thriller” video was exceptional, compared to these slides, but it did have a magical quality to it.

Anyway, I wonder how much it would fetch on ebay, being in good condition and all. I also have a View-Master of an episode of “Knight Rider” to boot. David Hasselhoff was hot back in the day, “toight” pants and big hair rocked for both men and women in the 80’s.




6 responses

31 10 2010

i would like to sell it never been used please make me a offer thank you

4 11 2010

Hi Sherry

Thanks for your comment. If you mean that you want me to buy your View Master, thanks, but mine is still in mint condition, and a fond childhood memory, so won’t need another one. If you mean that you want to buy mine, sorry, but it is not for sale. Have a super day. All the best, Mishkah

24 06 2011

I would like to know if you still have this micheal jackson view master avaiable

24 06 2011
Mishkah Roman-Cassiem

Hi Dawn,

I still have the Michael Jackson View Master, but it is unfortunately not available for sale.



8 12 2011
Shelby J Champion

i have a michael jackson thriller view finder still in the box for sale . shelby. if interested contact at mrchampion@comcast.net

30 12 2011
Mishkah Roman-Cassiem

Thanks Shelby, but my View Finder is in good shape.

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